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Don Basile | Investor of a Stealth Mode Mobile Startup

Notable for his work in finance and technology, Don Basile enjoys spending his downtime on a wide range of personal projects and recreational activities. An admitted gizmophile, Don keeps up with the latest innovations in consumer gadgetry and looks forward to trying them out as they hit the market. An avid skier, scuba diver and golfer as well, Don practices his swing whenever possible and always takes advice on the best places to see exotic ocean life. From time to time, he’ll share pictures and videos of his underwater adventures on this site and elsewhere online.

The investor of a Stealth Mode Mobile Startup, Don seeks out investment opportunities in high-growth areas of the tech sector. Among these, Don explores acquisitions of companies and licensable technologies that facilitate social commerce, real-time marketing, cloud data exchange, and other key functions. Don also invests in the development and manufacture of graphene, a material with revolutionary applications across the industrial spectrum, from flexible computer screens to cellular drug delivery.

Previous roles held by Don include CEO of Violin Memory, chairman and CEO of Fusion-io and vice president at UnitedHealth Group. He earned his PhD and MS in electrical engineering from Stanford University. Don is frequently called upon for his expertise and has been featured in publications including Forbes, Tech Crunch, the IB Times, and the New York Times.